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Welcome to the future of housing intelligence

Unlock data-driven success with actionable insights through modern business intelligence (BI) and serve communities better.

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Connect data, extract critical information

Business Intelligence tools empower you with transformative data visualization and capabilities that enable you to extract insights and discover trends.

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Access a full overview of your housing data

Consolidate all relevant data into one centralised dashboard that highlights at-a-glance key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Uncover patterns in your data

By having a full overview of your housing data, you can identify bottlenecks and proactively address issue areas, whether is on homelessness or allocations.


Run standard central government returns

If you are a local authority, our BI tool can help you produce your returns or respond to Freedom of Information requests quicker.

"How to transform data into intelligence"

There is more data to analyse now than ever before, as digital transformation grows in the sector. Arturo Dell, our Associate Director of Data and Technology, writes about the alchemy of turning data into intelligence, the power of storytelling and how to let data drive decisions.

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Starting from £8,000 p/a

Leverage your data and insights to stay ahead. Implement your Business Intelligence solution to make informed decisions, optimise your operations and become a better provider.

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  • Standard dashboard with simple and colourful charts for easy data visualisation
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  • Integration with Choice Based Lettings, Unity and HOPE for seamless data transfer and full housing data overview
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  • Create ad-hoc reports for Freedom of Information requests
  • Configurability hope logo
  • Custom reports
    Export reports in multiple formats, including CSV, text, PDF, excel & others Available via Pentaho or Power BI
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  • Data filters and enabling/disabling chart legends functionality

We adapt to your needs, not the other way around

Our systems and solutions are tailored to your requirements and business processes. We offer flexibility other IT suppliers can’t.

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