Data integration

Integrate your housing data, seamlessly

Whether you need better connectivity between your housing systems or create a single data pool, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

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Harness the potential of connected data

Integrating your data will take you on a path of enhanced productivity.

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Minimise duplication across systems

At Home Connections, we have decades of experience integrating with all third-party systems to eliminate manual data entry and enhance operational efficiency.

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Establish a cohesive flow of information

With our data integration solution, you can achieve real-time updates and synchronization across all integrated systems.


Create a data warehouse

Centralise and consolidate information from diverse sources into a single and comprehensive hub. The unified view of data will allow you to gain valuable insights.

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Take the first step to integrate your data

Seamless data integration is a game-changer for the housing industry. It can help you save valuable time and resources otherwise spent on tedious data management tasks.

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  • We offer integration via a number of methods including API, CSV file upload, dataloaders and XML
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  • Connect and send information through to major housing management systems (HMS)
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  • Seamless data transfer between our Choice Based Lettings and Unity
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  • Direct data submission from HOPE and DLUHC’s reporting system
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  • Create single sign-on (customer and staff user)
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  • Create real-time data transfer of void details from partner HMS
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We adapt to your needs, not the other way around

Our systems and solutions are tailored to your requirements and business processes. We offer flexibility other IT suppliers can’t.

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