Mutual Exchange (MEx) Connections

Track and manage mutual exchanges more efficiently

Our new Mutual Exchange portal has been developed with House Exchange, UK’s leading not-for-profit mutual exchange system.

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Why choose MEx Connections?

Beyond minimising the administrative burden involved in overseeing the entire Mutual Exchange process, you can:

track data at your fingertips
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Track data at your fingertips

Replace Excel spreadsheets to monitor all your ongoing mutual exchange transactions in one place and with real-time status.

statistical returns

Progress tenancy checks quicker

Through a dedicated assessment area, you can carry out all the tenancy checks needed to process your mutual exchange transactions.


Communicate with tenants instantly

Send emails, messages or letters directly from the MEx Connections back-office and implement a better communication channel with tenants.

transfer data

Hit target timeframes

MEx Connections’ region countdown indicators will help you stay on track with all your transactions and hit target timeframes.

communicate with your tenants instantly

Starting from £3,650 p/a

Designed with social landlords in mind, MEx Connections will reduce time and administrative workload in processing your mutual exchange transactions.

  • Automate hope logo
  • Dashboard dedicated to mutual exchange transactions
  • integrated hope logo
  • Online application form with your branding
  • generation hope logo
  • Communications portal, including letters, instant messages and emails
  • full overview hope logo
  • Assessment area for tenancy checks, inspections & others
  • Configurability hope logo
  • Mutual exchange tracking timer with region countdown
  • unified applicant hope logo
  • Easy document upload and storage for both tenants and staff
  • in-depth hope logo
  • In-depth reporting suite

Open the doors for tenants who want to move through House Exchange

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