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We are in a digital age where government organisations are under increasing pressure to provide efficient and transparent services. At Home Connections, we have relaunched 35 websites, powered by Drupal LocalGov, embodying the theme of "doing more with less"

LocalGov Drupal, a content management system tailored specifically for the public sector, equips organisations with a robust platform that enhances communication, collaboration, and accessibility. 

Home Connections, a leading non-profit software solutions provider and social enterprise uses this CMS for all the websites it develops, manages and maintains for housing associations, local authorities and public organisations.

Home Connection’s decision to work with Drupal LocalGov is a strategic move towards achieving higher levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in delivering services. The built-in capabilities of Drupal LocalGov mean that developers spend less time on the basics and more time implementing custom features.

By choosing Drupal LocalGov, our customers can not only improve their services but also set an example for other public bodies looking to optimise their digital presence in a budget-conscious world.

Cost-effective solutions

In the face of budget constraints and the ever-present need to make the best use of resources, the LocalGov Drupal allows the public sector to "do more with less."

With its open-source nature, LocalGov Drupal eliminates the need for costly licensing fees and reduces ongoing maintenance expenses. This cost-effective approach ensures that resources can be allocated where needed, such as improving public services and infrastructure.


One of the primary benefits of LGD is its commitment to accessibility

All our websites are designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that information and services are available to everyone, regardless of their abilities or the devices they use. This inclusive approach not only complies with legal standards but also reflects each organisation's dedication to serving all citizens.

Robust security and compliance

Security and data privacy are paramount for the public sector. LocalGov Drupal places a strong emphasis on security, providing the necessary tools and features to safeguard sensitive information.

Compliance with data protection regulations is made easier, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring the public's trust is maintained. These features are at the core of LocalGov Drupal, allowing development teams to spend time on other key priorities.

Simple content management

The LocalGov framework simplifies content management, enabling our customers to keep their websites up-to-date and relevant. LocalGov's intuitive content editing tools make it easier than ever to ensure that the public has access to the latest information, policies, and resources.


Our commitment extends to environmental sustainability. By adopting the LocalGov Drupal we help contribute to a greener future. The open-source nature of Drupal minimises the environmental footprint associated with proprietary software development. In addition, the framework's efficiency helps reduce server loads and energy consumption.

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